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Ekahau Report Template - Exclusive to

report template

save time and money

The report is the flagship of a service, which is handed over to the customer at the end. Many Ekahau customers invest a lot of time and effort here, or simply send the 1 click report.

Both are unnecessary and wasted time. It's easier with the report templates. Unfortunately, these are not easy to create. 

But now we have a solution for that.

Our Ekahau Report Templates by Timo Sass

Cost use Bill:

  • ROI is easy to calculate
    • How many reports per year? 10
    • Effort per report? 1 day
    • Costs per report? € 1,000
    • Turnover 10,000 € in 10 days
    • With template € 10,000 with "10 clicks"
    • ROI already with the 2nd report
  • Report on the next (same) working day
  • Report always identical (several engineers or countries)
  • Report in corporate identity
  • Report contains what is needed and not what 1 click report offers



    The templates are delivered digitally by email after receipt of payment. Shipping costs are not applicable.